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Freshly made all day long from locally produced ingredients, taste the Flavour of Porvoo


à la carte menu 2022


Chipirones 10 €

Small deep fried cuttlefish, yuzu-lemon mayonnaise, chili & coriander (contains gluten)

Cauliflower 8€

Roasted cauliflower, togarashi mayonnaise & pickled red onion (vegan)

Yakitori-chicken skewers 10 €

Grilled chicken skewers in ranta-aittas own teriyaki, spring onion & togarashi

Ceviche 14 €

Whitefish ceviche, rhubarb-lemon sauce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chili & coriander

Tataki 14 €

Salmon, orange-miso sauce, sesame seeds & Japanese basil (available as vegan)

Ponzu-tomato salad 8 €

Heirloom tomatoes in a flavorful ponzu sauce, sancho pepper, katchubusi & Korean mint

Crispy pork belly 10 €

Grilled pork belly in a sweet soy sauce, spring onion, parsley & seasonal pickled vegetables

Grilled scampi 15 €

Grilled scampi “easy peel”, yuzu-lemon sauce, wakame salad & togarashi mayonnaise


Aitta’s salads 16.50 €

Salad mix, carrot, corn salsa, roasted cauliflower, marinated paprika & cucumber

Choose your filling:
shrimp / marinated tofu / duck confit


Grilled octopus tentacle and miso 26 €

Stewed and grilled octopus, roasted potatoes, fried cauliflower, orange-miso
Nuts & baby spinach

Fried fish of the day 28 €

Red miso marinated and fried fish of the day, senco pepper-cherry tomato sauce, potatoes, roasted paprika & corn

Ox skewer 26 €

Grilled ox on skewer, roasted cauliflower, potatoes, bulgogi sauce & bok choy

Eggplant 25 €

Oven roasted eggplant, fried seasonal mushrooms, asparagus, poached egg & parmesan (available as vegan)


Almond Cake & Berries 10 €

Lemon almond cake, sake marinated seasonal berries, vanilla-yuzu ice cream & roasted almond

Matcha-tiramisu 10 €

Matcha tea flavored tiramisu

Pear and Hazelnut 10 €

Caramelized pear, strawberry-mango sorbet & hazelnut salad (vegan)

Ask our staff about possible allergies.

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