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A la carte menu 2021


Chipirones    9 €

Small fried cuttlefish, yuzu mayonnaise and cilantro

Kurumaebi    12 €

Grilled scampis, ponzu dressing, lime and togarashi mayonnaise

Cebiche   12 €

Whitefish ceviche, raspberry-lime leche de tigre, cucumber, edamame and chili with cilantro

Tataki    12 €

Salmon tataki, orange-miso dressing, Japanese basil, sesame seeds and cherry tomatoes (also available as vegan with tofu)

Pokuribe    11 €

Baby pork ribs, tamarind-chipotle dressing, sesame seeds and spring onions

Padron Peppers    7 €

Padron peppers and aioli

Skarifurawa & Togarashi    7€

Roasted cauliflower, togarashi mayonnaise, spring onion and pickled red onion (vegan)

Tacos (2 pcs)   12 €

  • Warm smoked salmon, pico de gallo, avocado cream and pickled red onion
  • Roasted mushrooms, aioli, shiso and pico de gallo salsa

Bread basket    3 €

Includes three different breads, olive oil and balsamic vinegar



Tako & togarashi    26 €

Grilled octopus, spring cabbage, pecan nuts, jalapenos, shallot onion, aioli and yuzu-miso dressing with new potatoes

Saikyo Samon    26 €

Salmon marinated with red miso, bimi broccoli, peas, pak choy, wasabi dashi emulsion and roasted new potatoes
(The salmon is served rosé. Please inform your waiter if you prefer it well done.)

Lomo Saltado    27 €

Grilled petit tender, rocotto tomato sauce, carrots, sweet peppers and rice

Kinoko saltado    25 €

Roasted and grilled shiitake, enoki and portobello mushrooms, marinated tofu, pecan nuts and yakiniku sauce


Chikin    16,50 €

Grilled chicken, broccoli, tomato, daikon radish, small peruvian peppers and ponzu dressing

Samon    16,50 €

Warm smoked salmon, tomato, daikon radish, avocado cream, nashi pear and wasabi yuzu dressing

Ahiru    19 €

Roasted duck leg, soba noodles, daikon radish, peanut dressing, peanuts and nashi pear


Raimu & Kurimu ”Key Lime Pie”    10 €

Lime mousse, biscuit crumble, mareng and vanilla ice cream

Chokokreto    10 €

Chocolate mud cake, brown butter and pine nut ice cream, cap gooseberry and chocolate crumble (also available as vegan)

Purin    10 €

Vanilla pisco flan, strawberry and rhubarb sauce, Japanese basil and crumble


Hotdog    8 €

With french fries, cucumber and cherry tomatoes

Pasta    8 €

Tomato pasta with cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan

Saikyo Samon    13 €

Salmon (Norway) marinated with red miso, bimi broccoli, peas, pak choy, yakiniku sauce and roasted new potatoes

The salmon is served as a rosé. Please inform your waiter if you prefer it well done.

Lomo Saltado    13,50 €

Grilled beef petite tender (Finland), yakiniku sauce, roasted sweet pepper and carrots, new potatoes and spring onion


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